COMEDCO: a combination of coating and converting machines for oral films and transdermal patches by the two well known experts OPTIMA and COATEMA.
Are you planning to develop new products and/or new business areas? Do you need assistance in developing the proper formulation for your pharmaceutical coatings? If this is the case, Comedco is your expert partner.  All processes can be validated and, if desired, transferred to larger production machines. The available machines are suitable to manufacture product samples for clinical tests, for market launch and for large scale production thereafter.

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Applications diversity

For more than 40 year of business strategy and value proposition, the company has been focused on innovations for growing markets with latest coating technologies requirements.

Innovators from many diverse industries have recognized the value of the strategy and embraced the value proposition in primary markets. This trend will continue because we are focused on the Lab-to-Fab scale-up concepts of processes and the integration of new technologies like laser, nanoimprinting and inkjet into our lab, pilot and production solutions.


Unsurpassed flexibility for medical and pharmaceutical products

Optima Life Science offers flexible manufacturing and packaging processes, for fields as diverse as wound dressings, oral film strips (ODF) transdermal and electrode patches. The core expertise lies web-processing technologies. Optima Life Science develops complete automated lines with integrated packaging functions. Modular machine systems are offering customers unique “plug & play” flexibility. The Company guarantees quick, professional service with 20 international locations. Optima Life Science is a member of the OPTIMA packaging group GmbH (founded in 1922, Schwaebisch Hall), which employs a workforce of 3,000 around the globe.

Interview with Werner Volk and Thomas Kolbusch

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Machine for lab scale and pilot plant production with potential:

Scalable. Validatable. Extendable. Reproducible.

Machine for lab scale and pilot plant production


Versatile equipment and a wide range of coating and printing systems make Coatema products the choice of today‘s solutions for coating applications in the pharmaceutical and medical market.

From Lab2Fab is the vision of Coatema and with this small R2R unit we offer a number of very precise and efficient coating systems combined with state of the art drying solutions for your markets. The unit can be additionally equipped with printing, lamination stations and slitting, which makes the system a modular and economical approach for small scale production.

Results from this modular and compact unit can be easily transferred to bigger pilot and production lines. The advantage of short test runs with just a minimum use of chemistry and materials needed to produce sophisticated products, leads to a very economical production and shortens the development time of your products.

Reproducible results are offered with the efficient control system and the modular design of the overall unit. Combined with the Optima solution you get the complete value chain for medical and pharmaceutical products out of one hand.

All processes relevant to the product can be developed at lab scale and scaled up to large batch manufacturing. Output can be matched to demand while maintaining the highest standard of process safety.
Extendable The modular construction of the machine allows a high level of customization. The base machine can be upgraded from an intermittent motion to a continuous motion process. Individual process stations or even entire machine modules, such as pouching, can be integrated at any time.
All production parameters are stored in recipes.


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